archicad-19-downloadArchiCAD 20 Build 5025

ArchiCAD is a graphical CAD system for architects. Archikad used for the design of architectural and building structures, buildings and structures, as well as elements of landscape and furniture. ArchiCAD 19 uses the industry's first technology of background data processing - lightning speed and rapid update of species.

Version 20 Build 5025
Updated 20.04.2017
Size 1486 MB
Category Graphics / CAD / CAD, Инженерная графика
Developer Graphisoft
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista , Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Trial version for 30 days

When using ArchiCAD, the concept of Virtual Building is used - the project represents a virtual A model of a real building that exists in the computer's memory. The architect in the initial stages of working with the project actually "builds" the building, using walls, ceilings, windows, stairs, various objects and structures. After completing the simulation phase, you can extract all necessary data from the Virtual Building to create the project documentation: floor plans, facades, sections, explications, specifications, visualizations.

Features ArchiCAD

  • Background data processing. ArchiCAD distributes unused computer power, anticipating your next actions and processing views in the background, greatly increasing the speed of work with projects of any complexity and volume.
  • Accelerated 3D navigation in the 3D model window. Smoothed and accelerated process of 3D model output of a virtual building, which is especially critical for very large projects.
  • Intuitive working environment. Absolutely new system of inserts essentially facilitates navigation on various representations of BIM-projects.
  • Constant guides. A completely new system of guides, lines and datums, help to improve the accuracy of creating and editing elements .
  • Improvements in the design of drawings. Callouts in dimensional chains increase the readability of drawings, and changing, moving, mirroring, and separating dimensional chains greatly simplifies the design process.113

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Download ArchiCAD for free Russian version from the official website of ArchiCAD. We keep track of all the updates to the program so that you have the latest version of ArchiCAD.

ArchiCAD скачать бесплатно русская версия Download ArchiCAD Russian version (20 Build 5025)

ArchiCAD скачать бесплатно русская версия Download ArchiCAD Russian version (19 Build 3003)

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ArchiCAD скачать обновление Download ArchiCAD Update (19 Build 4011)

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Download for free Archcade Russian version from the official site .

ArchiCAD скачать бесплатно русская версия Download ArchiCAD Russian version (18 Build 3006)