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The program of three-dimensional designing and plotting AutoCAD is currently the most common a sprawled product of CAD. The first version of the program was developed by Autodesk three decades ago. The development and improvement of the program continues successfully. Now this widely known software product has more than 5000 various applications and versions in 18 languages. You can download the program AutoCAD by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Version 2018
Updated 24.03.2017
Size 3170 MB + 14.4 MB (online -installation)
Category Graphics / CAD
Developer Autodesk Inc
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Trial version 30 days

AutoCAD allows you to develop construction projects and create complex technical documentation in different branches of engineering, as well as engage in three-dimensional modeling and visualization in other areas of human activities. If you need an accurate graphic implementation of an idea - from the architectural masterpiece to the cutting of fashionable clothes - it is the AutoCAD platform that can become the tool that will accomplish this task without unnecessary problems. In addition, AutoCAD allows several times to increase the productivity of many designers, architects, designers.

The program is well suited both for drawing in a 2D coordinate system and for 3D drawing. AutoCAD can be difficult for novice users to master, although the program interface becomes more and more understandable with the expansion of functions. For beginners, there are detailed documentation, a lot of teaching literature and video materials. When installing the program, you need to remember about the high requirements for your computer, in addition, developers report that AutoCAD is now working on Windows and Mac platforms.

The automatic three-dimensional design program has stood the test of time by changing our idea of ​​drawing, drawing or volumetric modeling. Modern engineers can no longer imagine that technical developments - drawings, sketches - must be done on paper with a simple pencil. The only obstacle for most people who want to use the AutoCAD product is the high price of the licensed version. However, professionals who appreciate the full power of Autodesk's software, believe that such a price is justified. And if you need the best program for designing, AutoCAD is the right choice.

Program Autocad download free

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Download Autocad 2018 free in Russian from the official site. We keep track of all the updates to the program so that you have the latest version of Autocad

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