cheat engine downloadCheat Engine 6.7.0

Cheat Engine - a program for cheating in computer games that allows you to scan a game, and in particular any of its files and find where in The parameters of the character or any object with which the character interacts are written. Chit Engin scans the game's memory to find game values ​​such as money, health, ammunition, gold, and the possibility of changing them.

Version 6.7.0
Updated 07/06/2017
Size 11.5 MB
Category To gamers / Cheat codes / Hacking games
Developer Dark Byte
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free of charge

Chit Endzhin is used for increase in the amount of money, the number of weapons, gaming points and other indicators in games. In addition, you can speed up the walk or "see through the walls." There is a game debugger and a trainer generator in the program.

Features Cheat Engine

  • Creating and embedding cheat codes .
  • Speedhak - changing the speed of the game. / 112
  • Возможность ускорения передвижения персонажей в игре.
  • Built-in game debugger.
  • Generating trainers for increasing lives and other parameters.
  • Script support .
  • Plugin support .

Cheat Engine free download

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Download Cheat Engine 6.6 in Russian for free from the official site of the Cheat Engine. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of the Cheat Engine.

Download the Cheat Engine 6.6 на русском языке Download the Cheat Engine 6.7.0

Download the Cheat Engine 6.6 на русском языке Download the Cheat Engine 6.6.0

Download the Cheat Engine 6.5 на русском языке Download the Cheat Engine 6.5.1

Download the Cheat Engine 6.4 на русском языке Download the Cheat Engine 6.4

download GeForce CheMax Download the Cheat Engine - русификатор

The crack for Cheat Engine is based on version 6.4 and may not be fully applicable to other versions of the program.

Installation: Copy the contents of the archive to the folder "language" , located in the root folder of the Cheat Engine. To return the original language, change the parameter "PreferedLanguage = en_US" to "PreferedLanguage = en_US" in the file "languages ​​\ language.ini" .