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Chromium (Хромиум) - powerful, simple in the use of a browser developed by the community of The Chromium Authors and Google, Opera Sof tware, Yandex, NVIDIA and others. Chromium provides secure, fast and convenient web navigation, and is also used as a convenient platform for web applications. On the basis of Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser, Vivaldi and many others are created.

Version Android.0.3425.0
Updated 08.05.2018
Size 118.0 MB
Category Internet / Browser
Developer The Chromium Authors
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free of charge

Main features of Chromium

  • High speed of work .
  • Safe browsing of web pages .
  • Incognito mode .
  • Instant bookmarks .
  • Search as main navigation form .
  • Support applications and extensions .

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Browser на базе Chromium

Many famous and popular browsers are based on the Chromium browser .