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The realistic driving simulator

Реалистичный симулятор вождения City Car Driving, developed by the creators of the 3D Instructor, helps in mastering the basic skills of driving a car in various road conditions. Adjustable density and nature of traffic of vehicles, changing weather (rain, snow, fog, ice) and time of day make the simulator as close to real conditions. And voice prompts and control rules allow you to consolidate the theory of traffic rules.

Version 1.5.3
Updated 25.11.2016
Size 1613 MB
Category Tutorials
Developer Forward Development
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Interface Russian
License Paid version, 725 rubles.

Features City Car Driving

  • mastering the basic skills of driving,
  • lessons on the contra-racetrack (classic and special)
  • urban driving with tracking signs and marking;
  • movement in yards;
  • driving in difficult conditions (dark time, rain, fog, etc.);
  • training the skills of careful handling of the engine;
  • traffic, close to the real.

City Car Driving settings allow you to choose the rules of the road different countries, except for this there is support for Oculus Rift and TrackIR (you can connect the "steering wheel" and "pedals") creating a complete immersion.

City Car Driving simulator is designed primarily for those planning to surrender. After all during the "trips" on the simulator various hints and messages about the committed violations are given. This approach allows you to learn the most quickly and with pleasure.

City Car Driving download

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Download City Car Driving 1.5, the download link leads to the official site of City Car Driving. Our site keeps track of all software updates in order that you have the latest version of the City Car Driving .

City Car Driving download City Car Driving download

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