CPU-Z downloadCPU-Z 1.85

CPU-Z is a free utility for displaying detailed technical information about installed in personal computer Processor, RAM, video card and motherboard. The program has a small size, convenient output of information about the components and supports almost all types of processors and motherboards.

Version 1.85
Updated 04.05.2018
Size 1,7 MB
Category System / Diagnostics
Developer CPUID
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface English
License Free

CPU-Z defines the following parameters:

  • Processor: name, architecture, socket, technical process , core voltage, family, stepping and revision, clock frequency, processor multiplier, cache volume the number of processors and processor cores.
  • Motherboard: manufacturer, model, chipset and its revision, BIOS version, graphical interface.
  • RAM: type, volume, clock frequency and timing, number channel memory .
  • Video card: the name of the video card, stepping and revision, the process technology, the type and amount of video memory, the frequency of the video chip and video memory.

CPU-Z download for free

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Download for free CPU-Z, the download link goes to the official site of CPU-Z. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of CPU-Z.

CPU-Z скачать с официального сайта Download CPU-Z version 1.85

Attention! On the official site there is only the English version of the program! The Russian version of CPU-Z lies on unofficial sites and is made by enthusiasts. For security, check the CPU-Z file in English with an antivirus program!