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Cubase is a virtual studio that has a rich functionality. This is a professional, very convenient tool for editing or creating a microphone or audio recording. Initially it was developed back in 1989, but was gradually improved and supplemented, allowing composers to create stunning musical works in a convenient working space. Today Cubase is a full-fledged studio with a large set of tools that allow you to conduct a full-fledged work. Cubase 8 download you can follow the link at the bottom of the page .

Version 8.5.40
Updated 06/06/2016
Size 9400 MB
Category Multimedia / Audio editors
Developer Steinberg Media Technologies
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 , Windows 10
Interface English
License Trial version 30 days

Features and benefits Cubase 8

The utility is very easy to use , it has the necessary functionality and great opportunities for creating a workspace. For the smallest elements, fine tuning exists, which makes audio processing an efficient, fast process.

During operation, a high level of sound quality (up to 96 kHz), advanced mixing tools, functions such as a spectrum analyzer are used. With the dedicated track, you can define the overall structure of the music, send the data to MIDI or the instrument tracks. Now the most daring ideas have become possible, thanks to the full-featured Cubase 8. 8. The features of the program stand out:

Их основных преимуществ программы выделяются:

  • a unique engine that provides sound up to 192 kHz;
  • automation of processes;
  • for mix flexibility you can use MixConsole;
  • more than 3 thousand sounds and 8 tools;
  • more than 1 thousand designers;
  • support 64 tracks simultaneously .

Cubase download free of charge

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Download free Cubase 8 from the official Cubase website. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of Cubase.

Cubase 8 downloadDownload Cubase 8

On the official site there is only the English version of Cubase! The Russian version of Cubase lies on unofficial sites and is made by enthusiasts. For security, check the crack and Cubase files in Russian with an antivirus program!

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