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In French, the words the adjecture "deja vu" means "already seen." This is the name of the technology for compressing scanned images, which is necessary for distributing and storing complex documents with a large amount of text, formulas, drawings, diagrams or photographs. The received files are designated by the corresponding format, sometimes it is called text-graphic. But if the file extension DjVu is encountered, than to open the information found? Especially for this, the Dejavu Reader application is designed - a simple and convenient "reader". At the bottom of our page there is a link on which you can DjVu Reader download free and quickly to your computer.

Updated 22.01.2005
Size 1.4 Mb
Category Office / View DjVu
Developer Dmitriy Garkaev
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Features and main features of the program Dejavu:

  • free preview and reading any DjVu format documents;
  • setting page parameters - brightness, color, text contrast and pictures;
  • four methods of viewing - pages or in the form of an album, a book, a booklet;
  • full-screen mode options and a normal program window;
  • large scaling possibilities (changes from 20 to 400%);
  • function of loading several
  • support for hotkeys and tab navigation;
  • the ability to copy the page to the clipboard;
  • go to any page of the open document.

The read program is supplied status bar showing the number, opening time, resolution of the image, and a convenient thumbnail representation bar for yadku pagination (on the left side of the window). Reduced copies of the pages allow you to see the structure of the entire document, and with the help of thumbnails you can quickly switch to any page. The preview block can hide or change its configuration as convenient for the user. The Déjà vu program is completely controlled from the keyboard, therefore it is usually recommended download DjVu Reader for the laptop, so that you can use the reader without problems using the reader on the road, on vacation, etc.

The text or image that you need to save or move to another media can be exported to a common graphic format or copy a text layer. The DjVu Reader program has been widely and successfully used for more than seven years, and the developers no longer support this "deserved" version. However, the ease of operation of the reader, the interface that is very understandable to any newbie and the fact that the widespread format DjVu has not lost its relevance so far, allow us to consider this application quite in demand.

DjVuReader download for free

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Download for free Déjà vu Reader Russian version for computer. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of DjVuReader.

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