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Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Emsisoft Anti-Malware) Malvare) — защита вашей системы от атак вирусами, троянами, ботами, шпионским (Spyware) и рекламным (Adware) программным обеспечением, кейлоггерами и прочими распространенными угрозами. Антивирус и антишпион осуществляет блокировку любых вредоносных действий, так же останавливает различные интернет-угрозы, когда вы находитесь онлайн. Официальную версию Version можно ссылке в конце страницы.

Версия 2018.3.1.8572
Updated 10.04.2018
Size 297 Mb
Category Security / Antiviruses
Developer Emsisoft Ltd
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Trial version for 30 days

Antivirus protection prevents any malware attempts to harm the system. The peculiarity of Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the detection of problem processes or the behavioral factors of individual services even before they have time to start at least somehow to influence the state of the system. 108

Новое в Emsisoft Anti-Malware

  • Improved. Behavior analysis. Blocking of all typical trojans-extortionists and detection of completely new network threats.
  • Improved. Antivirus engine. Detection and removal of potentially unwanted programs.
  • Improved. Emsisoft Cloud Network Anti-Malware Network. Checking the database of known safe files.
  • Improved. Exceptions. Adding to the whitelist using templates and variable values ​​.
  • Improved. System уведомлений. Снижение количества предупреждений в фоновом режиме до минимума.
  • Updated interface. Simpler and convenient management of antivirus protection.

Main features of Emsisoft Anti-Malware

  • Two scanning technologies. Anti-Spyware Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Antivirus Engine Bitdefender Anti-Virus.
  • Behavioral analysis. Immediate blocking of suspicious actions.
  • Maximum performance. Scanning the system and removing malware, which restores the maximum performance of your computer.
  • Windows Firewall Fortify function. Blocking of unauthorized changes to the rules of the Windows network screen.
  • Protection of Malware-IDS. Prevent the threat before it is activated.
  • Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network. Cloud database of a large number of programs. Allows to reduce the number of false
  • operations to a minimum.
  • Enhanced self-defense. Preventing any action with components of its protection.
  • Automatic Game Mode. Disabling all pop-up windows.
  • Accelerated anti-virus protection. Instant response to threats.
  • Emsisoft Commandline Scanner. Optimized command-line scanner

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