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Instagram for devices with Android - it's different I have the opportunity not only to make unique photos, but also to post in my own account, to keep the memory of happy or simply pleasant moments. In addition, you can send photos to your friends, view other people's pictures, comment on them. You can download Instagram for Android by clicking the link at the bottom of the page .

Version 10.3 .2
Updated 25.12.2016
Size 21.6 MB
Category Internet / Communication
Developer Instagram
System Android 4.1 or later
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Create a unique, unique style with the help of a popular application, use a large set of effects, make from simple pictures, these masterpieces, share them with your friends and close ones. With the help of the Instagram, you can take the photos you have taken not only to your own page, but also to private messages!

The possibility download The Android Instagram means not only adding pictures to the tape, but also shooting short clips for 15 seconds, now the content can be done with others, just by pressing the button. In the network you can subscribe to the news of other users, it can be not only relatives and relatives, but also celebrities, famous politicians. Now, just opening the application, you can see the news from any corner of the world!

Instagram features:

  • the presence of four blur effects;
  • an unlimited number of downloads;
  • can be placed very quickly photos in social networks such as VC, Twitter, Facebook;
  • the presence of a personal message system Direct, with which friends can send photos and videos;
  • evaluation system, the ability to put likes the images and other content;
  • adding tags and other information to each snapshot, geotargeting;
  • editing tagging or inscriptions already done under the pictures;
  • attractive, improved design, updated icons and icons.

Today, all the benefits of the application have already been appreciated by more than three hundred million users around the world. If you do not already have an account, download the Instagram to Android for free! Browse photos of other users, post your own, comment, like, keep in touch!

The application is a positive sphere of communication for people from all over the world. The rules forbid the placement of such content in the profile as acts of vandalism, naked body parts, rigid treatment.

Сделав и разместив фото, можно указать место, где был выполнен снимок, указать его на карте, просматривать информацию о том, где были выполнены снимки других активных пользователей. При помощи такой программы, как Инстаграм, можно составить интерактивную карту всего мира, быть постоянно в курсе интересных событий.


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