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IObit Uninstaller download for free in Russian

An intuitive, very powerful uninstaller IObit Uninstaller designed for complete removal of unnecessary software, malicious, unused plug-ins, and tools for browsers. IObit Uninstaller can completely replace the standard built-in "Uninstall and Change Programs" system, showing the best result. Download IObit Uninstaller in Russian you can follow the link at the bottom of the page .

Updated 03/29/2018
Size 14.7 MB
Category System / Removing programs
Developer IObit
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Powerful and useful IObit Uninstaller

The IObit Uninstaller utility is very simple in use, but at the same time it is one of the most powerful and useful tools for the optimizer Advanced SystemCare. The program is completely free, available in the Russian version, it can be easily downloaded from the link provided. IObit Uninstaller at startup allows you to completely remove all malicious, unused or just unwanted programs, their "remnants" without spending a lot of time on it. The removed software is removed completely, no additional actions are required.

Using IObit Uninstaller is very convenient and extremely simple. The program displays and classifies all installed programs in the form of a list, distributing them by rating, date, size. You can choose to remove a single software or delete everything in bulk by clicking only one button!

IObit Uninstaller - features and benefits

  • Interface. IObit Uninstaller uses a friendly, effective algorithm. The design of the utility is simple, clean, including only the most necessary, which will appeal to beginners and professionals. Intervention in the program is minimal, which increases the comfort of use, reduces the time spent cleaning the PC from unnecessary software. The lists displayed on the screen can be updated with just one click, view all entries in the registry, open files and determine their location, search the network for the required program through the browser.
  • Usage . Scanning IObit Uninstaller is very powerful, removal can be done in a forced mode. The search allows to determine even "pieces" of software, which during normal scanning remain undetected. With each deletion, a choice is provided-use standard deletion or a special extended one, with the ability to further scan the remaining items in the registry.

The special feature of IObit Uninstaller is the creation of a restore point before each deletion, which allows to restore the software with the recorded image. All the progress information can be seen in Log Manager.

Удаление при помощи IObit Uninstaller занимает все 3 простых шага:

  • creates a restore point;
  • uninstall starts;
  • runs delete all remaining files, entries in the registry.

After scanning, you can select files to delete, use the special "full erase" mode. IObit Uninstaller, which can be downloaded in Russian, also offers the removal of plug-ins, toolbars, checking the list of extensions and sorting them by the browser used. In addition to viewing the user rating, you can create your own rating or completely restore all the factory settings for the browser.

IObit Uninstaller download free

Скачать браузер Яндекс Турбо

Download free IObit Uninstaller in Russian from the official site. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of IObit Uninstaller.

IObit Uninstaller download free Download IObit Uninstaller

When installing, IObit Uninstaller offers to install additional software that I do not need to run IObit Uninstaller. Be careful when installing the program and turn off the checkboxes so that you do not install unnecessary programs!
When IObit works, Uninstaller can show ads of other programs in pop-up windows.