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Maxthon 5 - бесплатный облачный браузер, созданный на базе сразу двух движков Trident и Blink. Браузер Макстон содержит JavaScript (V8) и поддерживает все форматы в Internetе для быстрого отображения страниц. Браузер Maxthon предоставляет качественное отображение HTML5 страниц, безопасность интернет-серфинга и широкое использование облачных технологий.

Version /
Updated 20.04.2018
Size 58.4 MB
Category Internet / Browsers
Developer of the Maxthon
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Vista
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Register your Maxthon Cloud account and access the cloud-based Macston browser functions to encrypt and synchronize securely bookmarks for access from any computer or mobile device running Maxthon. You can download files to the cloud storage and send text, links and tabs to other computers, smartphones or tablets.

Basic Features Maxthon

  • Parallel Browsing - simultaneous viewing of open tabs on a split screen. Each tab is controlled independently .
  • Saving open tabs in case of program failure or system error.
  • Undoing for accidentally closed tabs.
  • Bookmark groups - the ability to create bookmark groups and open them simultaneously.
  • Account Maxthon is a free account for storing tabs and other user information.
  • Cloud Notepad - allows you to quickly copy and save text from the current page .
  • Loading and storing files in the Cloud service.
  • Bookmarks in the cloud - you can synchronize and store / 119
  • Снифер - позволяет выбрать и загрузить все фотографии, видео и аудио файлы со страниц.
  • Customizable address bar with the ability to switch between search engines.
  • Screenshot - You can take screenshots of a page or individual elements.
  • New session - allows simultaneous access to the same site with different accounts.

New in Maxthon 5:

  • Infobox is a bookmark manager. In addition to the link to the site page, you can additionally save a text note, a screenshot or the whole page as a whole.
  • Password Manager is a handy tool for managing all user accounts and passwords.
  • UUMail - virtual mail. Allows you to create an unlimited number of virtual mailboxes, with the possibility of further forwarding incoming mail.

Maxthon download for free

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Download the Macston browser free of charge for Windows 7 and 8 from the official Maxthon site. We track all updates of the program in order that you have the latest version of Maxthon.

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