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Download MSQRD for Android бесплатно, скачать Маскарад на Андроид

MSQRD is entertaining The application developed specifically for the Android system. With this application you can impose an animation on the photo, change your own look on the photo and video, use dynamic masks in real time. Want to entertain or play your friends, appearing in the image of a Joker or Stalin? For this you need only download the MSQRD application for Android for free on our site, without registration and SMS.

Version 1.5.1
Updated 27.04.2016
Size 53 MB
Category Internet / Communication
Developer Masquerade Technologies, Inc.
System Android 4.3 or later
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Features MASKARAD for Android

  • faces are quickly recognized, all overlays are adjusted to facial expressions, creating a realistic picture;
  • The richest built-in library contains various masks, including faces of celebrities, politicians, act dots and musicians and even animals;
  • for animation, you can impose animated elements, for example, tears, big ears, bulging eyes and much more;
  • the received videos and photos can be published on the network after processing
  • there is a possibility to send video-self to popular instant messengers and social networks;
  • effects can be superimposed on the image of all persons who accidentally got into the camera;
  • the interface is very simple, the application itself is undemanding resources

The name was given to the application by Belarusian developers, who They sought to replace traditional and boring emoticons with bright and emotional masks in 3D format. These three-dimensional elements have the opportunity to repeat facial expressions, they instantly adjust and create live images.

Скачать MSQRD on Android

Download free MSQRD for Android. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of MSQRD.

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