MyPaint download in Russian for free MyPaint 1.2.1

MyPaint download in Russian for free

MyPaint (May Paint) — бесплатный графический редактор с максимально простым интерфейсом. Разработан этот редактор, в первую очередь, для графических планшетов. В утилите большой выбор кистей и инструментов, реализована поддержка слоев. Официальную версию MyPaint download in Russian for free рекомендуем по прямой ссылке в конце страницы.

Version 1.2.1
Updated 21.01.2017
Size 89,6 MB / 93,2 MB x64
Category Graphics / Graphical Editors
Developer MyPaint
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

The program supports collective creativity due to the ora format (OpenRaster). This format allows you to work with other virtual artists through collaboration with other virtual artists, creating collaborative projects.

Features of MyPaint:

  • Creating images from scratch . Pure drawing - there are no graphic filters, scaling, highlighting .
  • A huge selection of a brush package. Brushes, their settings and functions, the ability to create custom modifications.
  • Ready-made brush sets.
  • Tablets. / 116 Поддерживаются сенсорные планшетные технологии.
  • Graphic formats. Support not only traditional jpg, png, but also OpenRaster format (the ability to work with various editors) .
  • Layers . Support for working with layers and adjusting transparency.

By the number of MyPaint functions in comparison with other graphical pedagogues, for example Paint Tool SAI, certainly loses, but it has a number of other advantages - a logical interface and full free. May Painting has a convenient arrangement of panels for drawing.

MyPaint download for free

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Download MyPaint for free in Russian from the official site. We track all updates of the program in order that you have the latest version of the graphical editor MyPaint.

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