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Nero is one of the programs assigned which it is a high-quality recording on various digital media - CD and DVD discs. Nero Free is a free lite version of the popular software package for burning data to CD / DVD discs. The full name of the program is Nero StartSmart Essentials. Неро download for free in Russian you can follow the link at the end of the page .

Updated 08.07.2014
Size 54.5 MB
Category CD / DVD / BD / CD / DVD burning
Developer Nero Inc.
Sis theme Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Very often the cost of data containing information , many times over the price of media, so the programs for burning CDs should be reliable and at the same time easy to use. Depending on the type of media, the nature of the recorded data, you must set the burning parameters before recording. Including the data transfer rate, the creation of multisession recording, i.e. the ability to make changes to the file directory of the recording disc.

The main possibility of Nero:

  • Burn (burn) CD and DVD. Of course, this is the main function of the program, and you can record any data on your discs, both without overwriting (CD-R, DVD-R), and supporting over-burning (CD-RW, DVD-RW). All possible CD and DVD formats like DVD + are supported.
  • Record music. Often happens, that having written down music, it refuses to be lost, for example in an automobile radio tape recorder. With Nero, this problem is minimized, you can choose exactly the format of the disc you need (in this case - Audio CD) .
  • Recording movies. A huge number of movie formats are misleading even industry professionals, so Nero provides convenient functions that allow you to choose the format suitable for your disc and quality.
  • Burn the disc from the image. If you have downloaded a file like .iso, then you can save it to disk. For example - navigation for a car.

All of these features have the Nero Burning ROM program, which allows you to work not only with "iron", but also with virtual drives. The functionality of the program is amazing: before the recording process, it is possible to test the operability of the optical and virtual drives, estimate the estimated recording time for the various media used and set the burning parameters, including data verification. The network has several reliable resources, from which you can download for free in Russian. The list of software functions includes the ability to operate and manipulate images of ISO drives. The program features for burning nero discs are not limited to simple transfer and recording of files, the program also allows you to create and edit media files - photos, videos and audio. But that's not all, Nero allows not only to clone disks "with one click", but also to mix sound files, create colorful unique covers, capture video and process it. Often it is impossible to read data from damaged disks, Nero allows you to solve this problem. Nero can easily cope with the creation of projects where the autorun function is needed. The function DiscSpan SmartFit allows you to create large projects, placed on multiple media. Nero is able to convert audio files to MP3, MP3 PRO, APE, FLAC and AAC.

Когда необходима надежная защита данных, Nero предоставляет такую возможность благодаря технологии защиты SecurDisc. Эта уникальная программа позволяет также записывать диски с данными, защищенными паролем и цифровой подписью. Кроме всего прочего, Nero – мультиязычная программа, интерфейс которой доступен на 26 языках, включая русский.

Nero download for free

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