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Browser Orbitum is a new generation browser with support most often visited social networks: VKontakte, One classmates and Facebook. Orbitum is created and works on the core of the Google Chromium program, and is designed to quickly, easily and efficiently obtain various information from well-known social projects. Orbitum browser download You can use the link at the bottom of the page .

Version 56.0.2924.89
Updated 04/05/2017
Size 56 , 6 MB + 1 MB online installation
Category Internet / Browsers
Developer Orbitum
System Drivers 7, Drivers 8, Drivers 8.1, Drivers 10, Vista, Drivers XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free of charge

Distinctive features overlook

  • very friendly user interface;
  • support for all applications specific to Google Chromium;
  • built-in chat for participants of known projects VKontakte, Classmates and Facebook;
  • combination of address lines for URLs and lines for writing a search request;
  • means for setting hotkeys;
  • the presence of a bookmark tool; a high speed of loading web pages;
  • the ability to quickly download the browser Orbitum for free;
  • permission to visit anonymous pages anonymously, that is, surfing "incognito".

It's easy to use a browser. First,

Пользоваться обозревателем очень легко. Сначала надо download Orbitum on the computer, and then go through the welcome page to gain authorization to access your favorite resources. Communicating with subscribers of social networks, you can at the same time view other pages, work or entertain, while simultaneously receiving and sending messages. You save time and do not miss important messages, that is, simply combine "useful with pleasant" .

Among other useful options Orbitum of the browser can be noted the opportunity to send your wishes and new ideas to developers of the software product that continue to work on its improvement.

Orbitum download бесплатно

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Download the free Orbitum browser for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 from the official site. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of the Orbitum browser.

Browser Orbitum download бесплатно Orbitum download бесплатно