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Origin download for free на русском языке

Origin - free, very user-friendly platform from the well-known developer Electronic Arts. The program for digital distribution allows you to easily solve a whole complex of problems that arise with different games. Origin download for free it is possible by the link below, after installation on your PC you need to register and enter the program. No payment is required.

Version 10.5.18
Updated 08.05.2018
Size 60.3 MB
Category To gamers / Gaming Stores
Developer Electronic Arts Inc.
System Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Vista
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Having registered in the system and using Origin, you get such advantages:

  • the ability to create, join any network games;
  • save data in games, settings with a special "cloud", that is, the server of the company (this allows you to enter the games with all the achievements previously achieved and
  • you can communicate with other users of the system and games with the help of convenient text messages - you just need to go to Origin;
  • games are notified of releases, patches, upcoming updates, there is the option to enable automatic updates
  • it is very easy and fast to buy licensed versions of games via Origin;
  • from the desktop of your PC you can broadcast images for other users of the system, for example, to show the passing game.

Players in all the world has already managed to appreciate all the advantages of Origin. If you play one of the games from EA, then you should definitely download the program.

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Users of Origin can get the full versions of excellent games for the computer for free as a gift from Origin and try new games with the service "Time to play."

Origin download for free

Download for free Origin in Russian from the official website of Origin. Our site tracks all software updates in order that you have the latest version of Origin.

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