91Sandboxie 5.24

Песочница 91 языке для Windows 7

Бесплатная программа Sandboxie предназначена для безопасного запуска приложений в песочнице, то есть виртуальной защищенной среде. Это дает возможность контролировать все запущенные процессы. Песочница необходима, когда приходится запускать неизвестные программы или заведомо опасные, исключая риск заражения ПК, нарушения его работоспособности. 91 is free, at the bottom of the page there is a link on which it's easy to do.

Version 5.24
Updated 12/03/2018
Size 5.4 Mb
Category Security / Utilities
Developer Ronen Tzur
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Sandbox improves security OS Windows, provides protection from malicious software when surfing the web, when installing is not zvestna programs. Sandboxie has the ability to protect against unwanted updates, can keep track of e-mail, in work it uses its own trap for trojans, viruses and spyware that can be hiding in incoming mails.

The advantages of the sandbox are:

  • advanced protection functions: now files temporarily saved when browsing the pages can not damage the operating system, they can easily be deleted without harm to the PC;
  • ensuring the security of mail: viruses, malware, Trojans P There are threats because the utility monitors them efficiently, blocks them with their own systems.

The sandbox works very simply, any program running in it has no access to the system data, the registry, can not make changes, indirectly or directly violate the work OS. Running an unknown or potential malicious program in the sandbox allows you to secure your PC. just download the sandbox Sandboxie, assign it to the whole group of programs, setting their access to different resources depending on the destination.

Through Sandboxie you can provide secure web surfing without fear viruses while visiting various pages. The advantage is that the settings and changes should be driven only once, using them further. This makes working with the utility more convenient and simple.

Sandboxie download for free

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Download the Sandboxie sandbox in Russian for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of Sandboxie.

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