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Scribus (Scribus) is a free open source publishing package needed when creating any printing products (business cards, brochures, letters, advertising magazines, etc.), and subsequent high-quality printing. Scribus download in Russian from the official site is recommended by a direct link at the end of the page.

Version 1.4.6
Updated 05.11.2017
Size 78, 2 MB / 87.8 MB x64
Category Graphics / Publishing systems
Developer The Scribus Team
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Scribus is easy to use and has a clear interface. At the same time, this publishing program has professional functions (CMYK color separation, easy PDF creation, PostScript support and ICC color management) .

Scribus main features:

  • Own document format.
    • Support for fonts and text in Unicode (including texts written from right to left) .
    • Support for blocks visible and hidden, with rounded corners, rotated and scalable .
    • Ready-made page templates .
    • Multilayered document, moving objects between layers.
    • Styles for paragraphs with different settings (off, riffs, text effects, etc.) .
    • Manual kerning, interlacing and embedding fonts into documents.
    • Converting object types, from editing .
    • Ability to customize fields, guides, adhering to the grid.
  • Publishing.
    • Supporting CMYK, embedding ICC profiles in PDF to preserve the original color .
    • CMYK and RGB color separations in PostScript.
    • Supporting most PDF features (incl. scripts on javascript) .
    • Creating files for printing on printing equipment (including support for PostScript Level 3 and PDF 1.4).
    • export to EPS and import Encapsulated PostScript.
    • Embedding fonts and excluding unused characters when exporting to PostScript and PDF.
    • The ability to convert used fonts to PostScript outlines, while retaining the ability to change text.
  • Easy to use.
    • Поддержка Drag&Drop.
    • Constantly updated documentation in several languages ​​.
    • Convenient editing tools and palettes for measurements .
    • Support for TrueType, Type 1 PostScript and OpenType fonts.
    • User setting "hot keys" .
    • Interface на русском.
    • Adjustable hyphenation in texts .
    • Easy-to-use tools for drawing shapes .
    • Flexibility of user settings .
  • File formats.
    • The native Scribus file format is XML-based.
    • Opportunity ь import text in a large number of different encodings, including Unicode.
    • OASIS OpenDocument Writer and Draw with saving markup styles, as well as MS Word documents, HTML and Palm PDB.

Scribus download for free

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Download Scribus for free in Russian from the official site. We track all updates of the program in order that you have the latest version of Scribus.

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