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SHAREit - application for transferring files between smartphones , tablets and a computer, located at close range, using a radio module Wi-Fi devices. Allows you to conveniently and quickly send files ranging in size from 1 MB to 100 GB at a speed of up to 20 MB / s.

Version 3.6.88_ww
Updated 01/23/2017
Size 5.3 MB
Category Internet / File sharing
Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
System Android 2.2 or later
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Features SHAREit

  • Ability to transfer files without the presence of network and Internet traffic. The process is carried out using the radio module of your device's Wi-Fi.
  • You can transfer photos, videos, music, applications or any file contained on the SD card. 112
  • Высокая скорость передачи данных до 20 Mб/с, что превышает скорость обмена файлами по Bluetooth.
  • Changing data between devices running on different operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Перемещение всех своих данных: контакты, сообщения, фотографии, музыка, видео, приложения и данные со старого телефона на новый.
  • Contacting the computer, you can see the photos , located in the phone, on the computer screen.
  • Viewing files on the computer, through the phone - you can download photos or play music .

SHAREit download for free

Download SHAREit for free on Android на русском языке. Мы отслеживает все обновления программы для того, чтобы у Вас была последняя версия SHAREit.

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