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Program SopCast is an affordable video viewing tool via the Internet, to which allows you to create and broadcast also your own information channel. The program is distributed freely, so SopCast download for free is possible by the link at the bottom of this page.

Version 4.2.0
Updated 26.05.2016
Size 5, 7 Mb
Category Internet / Internet Радио/ТВ плееры
Developer SopCast
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Vista
Interface Russian, English
License Free

SOPKAST is based on P2P peer-to-peer technology (in English, "peer-to-peer" means "from peer to peer"). When you watch a TV channel or listen to the radio from the Internet, you simultaneously transmit these materials to the network. This is similar to the work of the well-known Bit-Torrent protocol, which allows you to transfer information in parts from different users, but Context is not broadcasting files, but streaming video channels. For example, to see the game you are interested in football, the online broadcast of SopCast will help to do this with good quality.

Program functions:

  • provides stable reception of multiple channels thanks to peer-to-peer technology: high-speed operation;
  • provides the ability to create and transmit to the network own broadcast channels;
  • records the transmitted information to the hard disk;
  • opens files of different formats (asf, wmv, rm , rmvb, mp3 and others) from the local disk, it is possible to reproduce the material cyclically
  • SopCast program can be downloaded free of charge;
  • онлайн трансляция без проблем передаётся в любой установленный проигрыватель;
  • SopKast supported by many platforms and does not require much system resources; monitors the properties of the information source and connection to the channel in order to provide better broadcast quality;
  • does not contain advertisements;
  • supports the Internet address format sop:

After launching the program, you can open the bookmark , which shows the channels available for broadcasting, and you can adjust the viewing on any available video player. In addition, many other video streams in the Context format can be found on the network. With the help of a convenient resource SopCast, online football broadcast will always be assured for you .

SopCast download for free

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Download free SopKast from the official site. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of SopCast.

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