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Stellarium is a free program of virtual 3D planetarium for your computer. Realistic sky, the mapping of stars, constellations and planets, the reconstruction of solar eclipses and the monitoring of comets movement - all this is possible with the Stellarium program, which can be downloaded by direct link at the end of the page.

Version 0.18.0
Updated 25.03.2018
Size 162 MB / 165 MB x64
Category Tutorials
Developer Fabien Chereau
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian
License Free version .

The main characteristics of Stellarium:

  • firmament
    • A huge number of stars (more than 600 thousand) in the default version, with the possibility increasing the number to 177 million. / 109
    • Объектов глубокого космоса более 8 тыс., с возможностью расширения, до более чем миллиона объектов.
    • Star clusters and images of constellations (for more than 20 different cultures) .
    • Complete catalog of nebulae (Messier catalog) .
    • Realistic Milky Way, panoramic landscapes, atmosphere, sunsets and sunrises.
    • Planets of the entire solar system and their main moons.
  • interface
    • Scalability .
    • Changing the time .
    • Мультиязычный interface.
    • projecting the image onto the dome of the planets with the help of the "fisheye" function, or a spherical mirror projection.
    • System управления с клавиатуры.
    • Telescope control .
  • display
    • Equatorial and azimuthal grids.
    • Twinkling of stars.
    • Meteors.
    • Tails of comets.
    • Simulation of flashes of iridiums.
    • Simulation of eclipses.
    • Simulation of supernovas and new ones .
    • 3D landscapes.
    • Landscapes with skins support, now with a spherical panoramic projection.
  • customization and expansion
    • system of plug-ins for the addition of artificial satellites, eyepiece simulation, control telescope and much more.
    • the possibility of adding new objects of the solar system from the Internet .
    • adding your own cosmic objects, landscapes, images of constellations, scenarios.

Stellarium runs on all versions of popular operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and also on mobile platforms Android and iOS. This program will help you in the study of outer space or simply allow you to see wonderful views, and the support of the Russian language, the low need for system resources and the ease of use make Stellarium the most universal for studying astronomical objects.

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Download free program Stellarium, the download link leads to the official site. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of the program Ctellarium.

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