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Unchecky is a small utility that automatically removes ticks and prevents the installation of unwanted advertising s and spyware, various toolbars for browsers. Unchecky works in the background and removes tick marks from unnecessary elements, when installing new programs on the computer, and also warns about the installation of unwanted software.

Version 1.2
Updated 08.04.2018
Size 1.3 MB
Category Security / Utilities
Developer Reason Software Company Inc.
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 , Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free of charge

Main features of Unchecky

  • Automatically removes the tick of additional programs, making random installation of unwanted programs less likely.
  • Warnings to yes you are trying to agree to the installation of potentially unwanted programs, which makes their random installation less likely.
  • Automatically updated as soon as a new version is available - you will need to worry about the latest features of the program .

Unchecky download for free

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Download the Unchecky for free from the official Unchecky website. Our site tracks all software updates in order that you have the latest version of Unchecky.

Unchecky download for free на русском официальный сайтUnchecky download

Unchecky makes changes to the system file hosts, prescribing protection from loading potentially unwanted programs, with several dozens of major malicious resources that distribute such programs. You can turn off the changes by checking the "Advanced settings" - "Do not use the hosts file" option.