victoria-hdd-downloadVictoria HDD 4.47 rus / 4.46b

Victoria is a utility for testing and restore the working capacity of hard disks. The program Victoria works with HDD through the input-output ports at the lowest level. The program is intended for specialists of service centers and is used for repairs or when recovering information from hard disks, it can be useful to ordinary users.

Version 4.46b
Updated 12.08 .2008
Size 0.6 MB
Category System / Diagnostics
Developer Sergey Kazansky
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface English
License Free of charge

Features of Victoria

  • Reading the drive's passport and the display of complete technical information about the drive.
  • Determining the installed in the system ATA / SATA controllers (including optional) .
  • Browsing S.M.A.R.T. parameters of the drive, quick evaluation of its state.
  • 12 modes of testing the surface by verification, reading and writing, with the calculation and display of addresses of defective blocks.
  • Low-level testing. Detects bad sectors - bad sectors on the surface of the hard disk.
  • Determination of the average access time. Evaluation of the performance of the tested hard disk, allows you to detect the emerging defects by sorting the read blocks of data by access time.
  • Controlling the acoustic noise level of the HDD. Allows you to change the speed of moving the heads of the hard drive and is designed to reduce the noise level.
  • Quick erasure of information without the possibility of recovery .
  • Flaw detector. Surface analysis by 4 all types of tests, with calculation and display of unstable areas, indicating the exact addresses of each unstable sector and automatically entering them into a text file.
  • Hiding surface defects by remapping sectors from the reserve (remap) on any from 8 tests.
  • View the contents of sectors with the possibility of editing .
  • Clearing a disk (or a part of it) from information - low-level formatting .
  • Management of security options: setting the password on the HDD, removing the password, erasing the information without the possibility of its recovery .
  • HDD positioning test (similar to how Windows does for intensive work), in order to identify reliability and thermal stability disk subsystem of the computer.

Victoria download for free

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Download Victoria HDD 4.46 from the official Victoria website. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of Victoria.

Victoria HDD скачать Download Victoria HDD 4.46

On the official site there is only the English version of the program Victoria! The Russian version of Victoria lies on unofficial sites and is made by enthusiasts. For security, check the crack and Victoria files in Russian with an antivirus program!

Victoria HDD 4.47 rus download официальный сайт

Последняя официальная версия программы Victoria - это 4.46b. Разработка прекращена автором в 2008 году. По этому Victoria HDD 4.47 rus download с официального сайта нельзя! Существует неофициальная Windows версия Victoria 4.47, в которой было исправлена часть недостатков.

Victoria HDD 4.47 скачать с официального сайта Download Victoria HDD 4.47 rus 64 bit

The list of fixes in the version of Victoria 4.47

  • It is possible to run on x64 Windows.
  • Процесс сканирования не останавливается в случайных местах.
  • It is possible to randomly scan on disks over 1 Tb.
  • Можно свободно сворачивать окно программы не боясь за процесс сканирования (рекомендовано сворачивать окно).
  • Возможно сканирование за один проход дисков более 1 Tb (визуальное отображение секторов при этом отключается).