vivaldi-downloadVivaldi 1.14.1077.60

Vivaldi is a fast and efficient free browser, created on the basis of the Chromium browser. Browser Vivaldi offers the functions and capabilities of the latest "classic" version of Opera 12 - a sidebar, a preview of the site when you hover the mouse over the tab, control the display of images on the page, a traditional express bar with switching between bookmarks and history, notes, visual tabs, download manager .

Version 1.14.1077.60
Updated 21.03.2018
Size 45.9 MB / 47.7 MB x64
Category Internet / Browsers
Developer Vivaldi Technologies
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista , Windows XP
Inter eys Russian, English

Браузер Вивальди developed by Vivaldi Technologies created by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner - one of the founders of Opera Software. A fast Vivaldi browser is able to work on a weak hardware and takes into account individual requirements and desires of users.

Main features of the Vivaldi browser

  • Bookmarks bar. It is placed at the discretion of the user - at the top or bottom of the browser window. On the panel, you can arrange the contents of any folder from the bookmark list.
  • Control the display of pictures. Disabling the display of pictures on the page in whole or in part, the ability to load only the images saved in the cache.
  • The return button. Allows you to return to the page of the site from which you started traveling on it. So you do not have to wade through the whole history of the previously opened pages - just one click with a mouse.
  • Sessions . You can save a set of open tabs in one session, close them and return to them later. It is convenient to distinguish, for example, a working and a home session.
  • Notes. Возможность делать заметки во время веб-серфинга и добавлять скриншоты страниц в боковую панель. Notes будут автоматически запоминать, какой сайт вы просматриваете.
  • Экспресс-панель. Access to all favorite sites from one express-panel window. You can create multiple shortcut groups and add folders.
  • Sleep mode for unused tabs (saves resources).
  • Blocking graphics and plugins loading with the ability to load these items by clicking the user.
  • Grouping tabs. Organize open tabs by grouping multiple tabs under one. Just drag the tab to another tab for grouping.
  • Customizable interface. You can have a tabbed panel in different parts of the browser window, different color schemes for interface design, the ability to scale interface elements, preview open tabs (when you hover over the mouse), useful indicators on tabs, color tabs.
  • File Uploader with the ability to restore broken downloads.

Browser Vivaldi download for free

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Download Vivaldi's browser for free from the official site. We keep track of all the updates to the program so that you have the latest version of the Vivaldi browser

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