ВК Сейвер скачать бесплатно для контактаVKSaver 3.3 Build 1591

VC Seiver free download for contact, VK Saver download for free

VK Saver is a small useful application for downloading videos and music tracks to pop cular social service VKontakte. Plugin VK Saver download for free very easy - use the link at the bottom of the page. This additional tool will make it easier for many users of the network to download their favorite music and interesting videos, and if you consider that the VKontakte community is the most "populous" in Russia and other CIS countries, then VK Saver download for Windows will want many regular visitors to the social project.

Version 3.3 Build 1591
Updated 10.10.2014
Size 0.585 Mb
Category Internet / Download managers
The developer AudioVkontakte
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian
License Free of charge

Program Properties:

  • Works successfully on all versions of Window s;
  • easily integrates into the most well-known web browsers - Internet Explorer, Yandex-browser, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari;
  • allows to download files of any format; completely retains all the parameters and the original quality of the downloaded content;
  • VChaver is very easy to download to the computer;
  • you do not need to open additional dialog boxes or special menus for uploading files;
  • is enabled / disabled in extensions browser .

После того, как вы скачаете ВК Сейвер, потребуется закрыть все открытые окна браузеров и установить плагин, а после успешной установки во вновь открытом окне обозревателя появится новый значок – латинская буква S, расположенная под клипами и видеороликами на всех страницах сети ВКонтакте. Активным посетителям ресурса рекомендуется VK Saver download for free, тем более что приложение позволяет загружать интересующую вас информацию всего за два клика.

After selecting the new "S" function, you go to the download site and click on the "Download" link, a big red button, after which the download starts. You can select the folder for the file placement yourself, and the link by which the material is downloaded is available to other users. You can copy and share it with your friends via Skype or other resources. The library of interesting data on the VKontakte network is considered one of the most extensive, and it will not be superfluous for VCServer to download and install for free on your PC.122

VK Saver download for free

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Скачайте бесплатно ВК Савер from the official site. Our site keeps track of all software updates so that you have the latest version of the VCSaver.

VK Saver download for free VK Saver download for free