Wireshark downloadWireshark 2.4.6

Wireshark - real-time traffic analyzer (sniffer) for computer networks. Wireshark has a graphical user interface and the ability to sort and filter information. The program allows you to view all traffic passing through the network using the network card's broadcast mode.

Version 2.4.6
Updated 04/04/2018
Size 50,3 Mb / 55.2 MB x64
Category Network / Wi-Fi
Developer Wireshark Foundation
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Interface English
License Free of charge

Main features of Wireshark

  • Analysis of traffic of computer networks (Ethernet, FDDI, PPP, Token -Ring and others) .
  • Trapping traffic in real time.
  • Supports various network protocols: DNS, FDDI, FTP, HTTP, ICQ, IPV6, IPX, IRC, MAPI, MOUNT, NETBIOS, NFS, NNTP, POP, PPP, TCP, TELNET, X25.
  • Сохранение и просмотр ранее сохраненного сетевого трафика.
  • Allows you to thoroughly analyze network packets by displaying the value of each protocol field of any level.
  • Working with various formats of input data. Wireshark can open data files captured by other programs.
  • Import and export data from other packet analyzers. You can save the intercepted packets in the formats of other programs.

Wireshark download for free

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Download Wireshark for free for Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 from the official Wireshark site. We keep track of all the updates to the program so that you have the latest version of Wireshark.

Wireshark скачать на русском Download Wireshark - 32 bit

инструкция по Wireshark на русском Download Wireshark - 64 bit

On the official site there is only the English version of the program Wireshark! The Russian version of Wireshark lies on unofficial sites and is made by enthusiasts. For security, check the Wireshark crack and the Wireshark files in Russian with an antivirus program!

Wireshark instruction in Russian

It is written in detail about how to use the Wireshark program - the instruction in English here https: