Wise Registry Cleaner download free russian versionWise Registry Cleaner 9.62 Build 648

Wise Registry Cleaner download free russian version

Wise Registry Cleaner Free is an excellent utilizer that will help you get rid quickly tons of various computer "garbage", slows down. With the help of the utility, you can quickly remove incorrect, unused files, but leave the possibility of recovery. Wise Registry Cleaner download the Russian version from the link at the bottom of the page .

Version 9.62 Build 648
Updated 09/05/2018
Size 2.7 MB
Category System / Optimization
Developer WiseCleaner
System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Vista, Windows XP
Interface Russian, English
License Free

Небольшая, но очень эффективная утилита Wise Registry Cleaner Free сегодня является одной из лучших для очистки реестра Windows от «мусора». Согласно отзывам пользователей, именно эта бесплатная программа работает намного результативнее, чем коммерческие аналоги. Free скачать Wise Registry Cleaner успели уже сотни тысяч пользователей, оценив преимущества клинера.

After installation, convenient automatic operating mode is available, which allows the utility to start itself after turning on the PC to correct errors without distracting the user. The load of the utility on the main memory, the processor is negligible, the work of the Cleaner is quiet, imperceptible, but extremely effective.

Wise Registry Cleaner is recommended to start manually, which will avoid deleting a number of necessary but temporarily unused files. Also, in the manual mode, you will be able to view all the information about the progress of work, the choice of the area to be cleaned. As the cleaning is performed, the function of viewing selected data is available.

Main features of Wise Registry Cleaner:

  • speed; safe, fast cleaning;
  • Windows scanning for obsolete data, incorrect information;
  • possibility to use auto mode;
  • output problems with detailed descriptions by a convenient separate line;
  • OS performance after cleansing increases;
  • all actions are performed with a few clicks;
  • save the full backup for the registry;
  • multilingual, intuitive interface, simple menu;

Wise Registry Cleaner Russian version is distributed free of charge. As the Wise Registry Cleaner is scanned, the errors found are divided into two sections: only safe and questionable, which is best left to prevent system failures. Utility Wise Registry Cleaner (Russian version) - the best solution for increasing the performance of PCs. You can download the Clanner on the site for free.

Wise Registry Cleaner download for free

Скачать браузер Яндекс Турбо

Download free Wise Registry Cleaner 8 in Russian, the download link leads to the official Wise Registry Cleaner site. Our site tracks all software updates so that you have the latest version of CCleaner.

Wise Registry Cleaner русская версия Wise Registry Cleaner download